NUVO VPLEX Video Integration

Video Integration

Streamlined Integration for
Surgical Excellence

NUVO’s Vplex Video Integration System revolutionizes workflow and enhances efficiency within the Operating Room (OR). The integration of various surgical inputs, both inside and outside the OR, including endoscopes, laparoscopes, ultrasounds, c-arms, anesthesia data, PACS, and general PCs, ensures a seamless and connected surgical environment. This connectivity prioritizes patient safety by providing surgeons and staff with essential surgical images, videos, and data in real-time.



  • HD/4K Integration: Ensures precise HD/4K visualization.
  • Effortless Control: One-touch control for easy input management.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Vendor-neutral system supports various inputs, from endoscopes to PCs.
  • Remote Collaboration: Real-time streaming and video conferencing.
  • Recording & Archiving: Surgery recording and archiving for educational and analysis purposes.
  • Fiber-Optic Connectivity: High-quality data transmission through a fiber-optic cabling system.
  • Source Compatibility: Supports digital and legacy video sources for versatility.
  • Patient Safety Focus: Prioritizes patient safety by connecting surgical staff to critical inputs.

Comprehensive Workflow Management


The Vplex Video Integration System by NUVO goes beyond connectivity, managing the complete integration process. This vendor-neutral system accommodates diverse surgical inputs and outputs, offering HD/4K clarity through surgical displays. The platform features one-touch control for intuitive management and supports both digital and legacy video sources, fostering versatility in surgical procedures.

Advanced Connectivity Solutions


NUVO’s commitment to clinical excellence is evident in the platform’s advanced connectivity solutions. The fiber-optic cabling infrastructure ensures high-quality data transmission, minimizing interference and optimizing connectivity. Real-time video conferencing technology connects physicians with remote medical professionals during surgery, fostering collaboration. Additionally, the system enables case recording and archiving, facilitating educational applications and retrospective analysis.