Video Integration In High Definition And 3D

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The NUVO Vplex Video Integration System Delivers High Definition Images Transmitted over a Fiber Optic Network with Unparalleled Simplicity.

The Vplex System uses state-of-the-art video technology to deliver the best quality images in the industry. They are delivered through fi ber optic cables to ensure minimal interference and crisp clean high defi nition images in full color or monochrome.

Nuvo Provides The Ability To Take Your OR Intergration To A Whole New Level.

The NEW Vplex combines all the applications of your OR Computer with the Graphic User Interface of a video system to deliver it all in a single user friendly, portable, handheld Medical Grade Computer Tablet. Use it docked at your circulators station with a keyboard or walk freely around theOR and initiate commands through its touch screen.

The NUVO Vplex Monitoring System Delivers.

The Vplex system makes it simple for the surgical team to select and display images on the monitors of your choosing. Todays operating rooms demand real time images and data, as well as archived images to be available at the bedside to facilitate real time decision making.

The Vplex Integration System Can Work With Your Oldest And Newest Equipment.

No one has the money to replace all their old cameras, C-arms or Computers which is why the NUVO platform works for everyone. It will manage and display images from the very lastest HD digital devices as well as integrate and display images from your older analog devices.