Nuvo Vu 160 surgical light

Nuvo Vu 160

Experience Surgical Brilliance

Designed and proudly made in the USA, this cutting-edge light features Cross Focus Technology, providing unparalleled shadow control for precise surgeries. The optional “in-light” HD camera, color temperature set at 4,300° K, and convenient controls on the sterilizable handle make it a versatile and efficient choice for surgeons.

Experience brilliance with a 160,000 Lux output and a 50,000-hour LED life, offering reliability and longevity. Whether in single, dual, triple, or quad-armed configurations, the NUVO Vu 160 adapts to diverse surgical settings. With a depth of illumination reaching 32.3″ (82 cm), this surgical light ensures optimal visibility. Illuminate your surgical space with NUVO Vu 160—where brilliance meets innovation.



  • Cross Focus Technology provides superior shadow control.
  • Optional “in-light” HD camera (1080i high-definition, 10x optical zoom/12x digital zoom).
  • Dimming and pattern adjustment are easily controlled from the sterilizable handle.
  • Color temperature set at an optimal 4,300° Kelvin for all surgical procedures.
  • Single, dual, triple, and quad-armed configurations can include surgical lights alone or a combination surgical lights and flat panel monitors.
  • Proudly made in the USA.


4,300° K pure white illumination

Brilliant 160,000 Lux output

5 Intensity Levels (100% – 87.5% – 75% – 62.5% – 50%)

50,000 hour-rated LED life


Controls the intensity and on/off.

9.5 – 14” (22.9 – 35.6 cm)

32.3” (82 cm)

100 – 240 VAC 50/60 Hz