NUVO Naviport Product Image

Compact Equipment Management

Introducing Naviport, offers an electrical and gas connection unit designed to be both compact and to streamline operations in the operating room. Features various configuration options, such as multiple arms, and the ability to add a shelf and/or mounted monitor.



  • Customizable Utility Head: Tailor the console length and choose the number and types of gas, electric and data sockets based on specific workplace requirements. Offering up to 3 gas hoses and up to 4 duplex sockets.
  • Future-Ready Technology Integration: Stay ahead of technological advancements with space for RJ45/ethernet network sockets, ensuring long-term compatibility.
  • Versatile Accessories: Enhance functionality with optional accessories like shelves, and monitor mounts, providing added versatility.
  • Floor-Free Workspace: The utility head supports the assembly of up to three shelves, keeping the floor clear and contributing to a safe, tidy, and user-friendly environment.

Experience the future of operating room connectivity with Naviport Compact Equipment Management —the solution that combines adaptability, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology all in a small space for optimal medical workspace management.