Navigatorâ„¢ Equipment Management System

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The Navigator™ has the most versatile array of features in the industry. The combination of duplex outlets and provision for gases combined with the ease with which it can be moved, the NUVO Navigator Equipment Management System is capable of supporting your full range of equipment in today's operating room. The use of tapered roller bearings and a healthy throat size on the suspension arms allow the Navigator to accommodate a full complement of services without compromising mobility. Service capacity and smooth, easy-to-move arms with rock solid brakes have become trade marks of the NUVO Navigator Equipment Management System.

"The Navigator places all essential utilities and equipment within easy reach."


It has long been recognized that power lines and gas hoses that trail across the floor present a safety hazard to all operating room personnel; not to mention the time it takes to clean up or reconfigure a room between cases. The Equipment Management System is designed to alleviate these problems by eliminating wires and hoses from the floor as well as containing frequently-used equipment in a fashion that keeps it clean, while making it readily accessible during each case. The different sizes of service heads and the reach of the mounting arms have been crafted to meet the needs of the various surgical specialties. Gas and power provisions, the maneuverability of the arms, and the capacity to accommodate a wide range of equipment are all features that are critical to Equipment Management System.

Features Of The Navigator™ Equipment Management System:

  • Three Sizes of Service Head and Utilities -- Compact (model 413), Intermediate (model 600) and Large (model 1025) size equipment heads provide the real estate to be configured for each application ranging from anesthesia to nursing utility to a full-service endoscopic equipment tower.
  • Large Service Capacity -- The combination of large throat size and service head provides the capacity for as many as 12 Gas Outlets and 18 Duplex Power Outlets in addition to a full array of low voltage services, while also offering non-critical as well as critical power. Your preference of gas outlet keying will also be accommodated to ensure standardization throughout the hospital.
  • Pneumatic Braking System -- Our braking system ensures steadfast performance at all times. Equipment will remain precisely where it is placed without the risk of drifting during a surgical procedure. Controls have been conveniently located for easy access should you need to reposition an arm during a case.
  • A Full Complement of Accessories -- The Navigator System can be fully accessorized to add Shelving, Storage Drawers, Keyboard Trays, Cable Organizers, Suction Bottle Holders plus many more useful items to help personalize your room for maximum efficiency.

Product Specifications

For more detailed information about this product click on the PDF file to open/download the Sales Brochure and Technical Data Sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Navigator™ Equipment Management System needs to stop to avoid collisions with other equipment in my OR. Can the physical stops be adjusted?
Yes, the physical stops for each joint on the Navigator™ arms can be adjusted easily by removing the bearing covers, loosening the set screws on the physical stops, and sliding the physical stops to the appropriate position.

Is it possible to add more medical gases or electrical power to my existing Navigator™ service head?
Yes, providing the maximum amount of utilities is not used already with your service head, NUVO will be happy to quote additional provisions for your service head and installation of these provisions at your facility. Please consult with our technical service representative about options for upgrading your existing service head.

Is it possible to upgrade my service head to a larger service head to accommodate more electrical or gas provisions?
Service heads can be upgraded providing that your existing NUVO Navigator™ arm is equipped to accommodate the larger service head. Please consult with our technical service representative about options for upgrading.

What is the maximum weight capacity for each of the Navigator™ shelves?
The shelves on the Navigator™ EMS are capable of handling a maximum of 110 pounds (50 kg) of equipment per shelf, more than enough capacity for any piece of OR equipment, including most endoscopic and electro surgery units.