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Innovative UV Air Purification System VidaShield Rebranded VidaShield UV24

September 3, 2019


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Meredith Jimenez

Innovative UV Air Purification System VidaShield Rebranded VidaShield UV24

The patented UV air purification system that has been proven effective at reducing the biological burden found in the air of healthcare and veterinary facilities is getting a new brand name and logo. VidaShield will now be known as VidaShield UV24TM.

New Brand logo

Medical Illumination purchased the VidaShield UV24 product line in April 2019 and is the owner and exclusive manufacturer of the patented technology that scrubs the air, removing bacteria and fungi that can cause HAIs. It has been the subject of several peer-reviewed articles.

Having sold the product line under the brand name UV24 in selected markets previously, it made sense to combine the two names to create synergy in the industry.

“We are excited to show what the VidaShield UV24 can do for hospitals, outpatient surgery centers, long-term care facilities, senior care centers, veterinary care facilities, and even schools and offices,” said Brett Messina, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Medical Illumination. “This system has been proven to reduce bacteria and fungus from the air and even improve patient outcomes. Facilities have to start cleaning their air to improve their environments and using VidaShield UV24 is the way to do it.”

Built within the casing of a standard-sized overhead light fixture (fluorescent or LED), the VidaShield UV24 provides fast, continuous UV-C air purification that reduces pathogens from treated air. It also reduces the settling of pathogens onto surfaces, all while reducing odors.

The innovative design is conveniently installed overhead and shielded within standard sized lighting fixtures so it can operate 24/7 in any occupied space without the risk of UV exposure to humans or animals. This differs dramatically from surface disinfection UV products which take up valuable floor space and require an unoccupied space for operation. For more details about the system, log onto

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